Do you need a Posting Schedule?

In my opinion...not really!

I'm fully expecting this to be somewhat controversial and I'm sure someone will disagree with me you need a posting schedule for your social media?

In my opinion...not really. And here's why ➡️

Now, when I say posting schedule I do NOT mean a content calendar. 

Content Calendar = WHAT to post.

Posting Schedule = WHEN to post.

A posting schedule is how many times you should post, at what times and on what days, a content calendar is just that - a calendar of the content you want to post. 

Planned posts, topics and themes help you to remain consistent and prevent you from flapping every morning trying to think of something to post! 

Inspiration for this blog came from scrolling through my Instagram feed, seeing several posts claiming to have the 'winning formula' for when to post and how many times, to guarantee your audience's engagement. 

Every one of these posts had a different answer! 

Some saying you need to post every other day, some saying every day, some more than once a day, in different formats and at a whole range of times and various days. 

To some extent, there is method to the madness: 

Posting at 2am everyday is unlikely to reach anyone unless your target audience are night workers, insomniacs and party animals (not sure the party animals would be able to remember your post the next morning though!). So there is some importance to the time you post.

If you use your social media insights correctly, you can see when the best time is to post for you to reach YOUR target audience. 

If you want a posting schedule, this⬆️ is the information you need to use.


Using a posting schedule that you have seen online and that is not written using your insights, with your audience in mind  may not have the desired effect. 


What is more important than posting at 2pm and 8pm every other day including 2 reels, a story and a partridge in a pear tree (yes...sarcasm)...?


It doesn't matter what time or day you post if you don't do it consistently and if you don't actually engage with your audience! 

Your followers need to trust your can they do that when you show up at random times, sometimes weeks in-between posting and when you don't actually engage with them??

So, what's the moral of the blog post?

  1. Use your social media insights - they're there for a reason!
  2. Be consistent! 
  3. Engage with your audience! 

Need a social media strategy or content calendar? 

Find out more HERE!


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